Mission primarily centers on people and organizations within Prince William County and Northern Virginia.


CASA- THE COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES- is a volunteer based program that provides advocates for abused and neglected children in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Volunteers from the community are recruited and trained to monitor cases: to see that treatment and services are provided to child victims. CASA exits because the child welfare system and the courts are burdened with many cases-- too many for assigned social workers and Guardians ad Litem (lawyers for abused and or neglected children in court) to keep track.


Homeless Prevention Center

Hilda M. Barg Homeless Prevention Center

Spreading the Bread

When: EVERY Sunday, we leave the church by 12:15 pm and arrive by 12:30 pm

What: Relational Ministry at FUPCDC

Where: Commuter parking lot near the PRTC terminal

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