Homeless Prevention Center

Hilda M. Barg Homeless Prevention Center

Located in Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia, Volunteers of America Chesapeake's Hilda M. Barg Homeless Prevention Center, is a 30-bed, short-term shelter helping homeless families and single adults develop individual plans that promote self-sufficient living. Shelter residents, homeless individuals and other community members in need have been taking advantage of the Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s on-site programs since 1990. These programs provide intensive case management including: mental health evaluation and counseling; drug and alcohol abuse prevention services; children's services; budget training; adult education and employment services. Hilda M. Barg Homeless Prevention Center also offers an AfterShare program where former residents can give back to the center and community.

How Does FUPCDC Help?
Two times a year, the Board of Deacons solicits food for 3 meals a day for 7 days to feed up to 30 residents at the Center. Deacons also serve the dinner meals and volunteers from the congregation participate in preparing the meals and talking with the residents. You can volunteer to donate food, prepare and serve the residents or both.