Kairos Prison Ministry

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                                             Kairos Prison Ministry
                                                       What is it?


Kairos is an interdenominational, lay-led, Christian ministry whose programs are designed to be presented in state and federal men’s and women’s correctional institutions.

 While many Kairos volunteers have had experience in renewal movements such as Emmaus and Cursillo, this is not mandatory. Each of these ministries focuses on small group dynamics, share and prayer groups, personal witness and vulnerability in Christian community.

 Positive and negative leaders of the institution are brought together for a 3 ½ -day Weekend of carefully coordinated talks, discussions, chapel meditations and music led by volunteers.

 Kairos is a continuing ministry. The primary objective of the 3 ½ -day short course is to prepare selected residents for life in an ongoing Christian community.

 During the 3 ½ -day weekends about 36 team members share God’s love with 40 residents of the facility. Friendships develop and are renewed each time we return for reunions or subsequent weekends. It is a blessing to see how our Lord can change hard hearts into loving hearts in just 40 hours of contact time.


                                                    What Can I do to support the Kairos Ministry?


Join a Team

There is always a need for both men and women team members. In Virginia, Kairos currently ministers at 11 men’s institutions and all 3 women’s prisons and has several more asking for programs. When you join a team you are making an ongoing commitment not only for the 3 ½ -day weekend, but also:

To attend and fully participate in team meetings held prior to the weekend.

Fluvanna’s (women) weekends are held in April and October. Please see Becky George or Hanna Provost for information.

Greensville (men) weekends are held in May and November. Please see Sam Parris or Roger Provost for information

To return as often as possible over the next 12 months for monthly reunions and other weekend programs.

o Fluvanna’s Reunions are held the second Saturday of each month, from 8:30-10:30a.

o Greensville’s Reunions:  Please see Sam Parris or Roger Provost for information

 Gather 100 dozen cookies (more about that later!)

Personal Agape, a handwritten letter written for each weekend participant, distributed at a time on Saturday afternoon.

Financial Stewardship: team members are responsible for lodging and materials expenses,although some scholarships are available.

 Supply Home Made Cookies

Cookies, baked with prayer, are a significant tool used during a Kairos Weekend. They are used to soften the hardened and callused hearts to foster change through the power of the Holy Spirit. Approximately 3,000 DOZEN cookies are needed for a weekend.

To provide cookies, work with a team member who can provide you with the specific requirements for a given institution and the dates when the cookies will be needed.

Be a Prayer Partner

Prayer is critical to the success of a weekend in a correctional facility.

 Be a Sponsor

Individuals and Christian communities are needed to help with the financial support for the residents who come to participate in a multi-denominational 3 ½ -day weekend. Total weekend expenses average about $125 per resident. Currently members of the teams bear most of the cost. The Virginia Kairos ministry needs to grow and your financial support would be greatly appreciated. For further information, talk to the person who gave you this pamphlet.

 Write Agape

Some residents get almost no letters from family members for long periods of time so a letter means a great deal to them. The Holy Spirit can use a simple drawing from a young child, with the message, “God loves you and so do I” as a powerful tool to change.