Living Waters for the Yucutan

Those We Help
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Mission Program Description: The Yucatan Mission is a program focused primarily on providing clean drinking water systems and christian education for impoverished villages in the Yucatan peninsula. The water and education program follows the model created by Living Waters for the World, a part of the Synod of Living Waters, Presbyterian Church (USA). The amazing aspect of this mission is that it provides our brothers and sisters in the Yucatan a self sustaining means of producing affordable clean water not only for their own village, but for surrounding villages in need of clean water. The trip to the Yucatan is scheduled for the last week of January through the first week in February each year in an attempt to coincide with Prince William County Schools scheduling.

FUPCDC Support Provided: The congregation has been heavily involved in the fund raising for the construction of two water plants so far. The money is raised to construct cement block buildings and purchase the components of the clean water system. Members of the congregation have participated in the mission work by teaching the bible school for village children, teaching an adult education course on how and when to use clean water, constructing the cement buildings, and installing the water treatment systems. There is literally something for everyone!

How Can You Help?: Each year the church sponsors a fall yard and bake sale and a December dinner and talent show fund raiser prior to the departure of the mission team. In addition to seeking donations for the yard sale, we look forward to having a large turnout at these events. Also, we would like folks to consider coming along on the trip and having a life changing experience guaranteed to bring you closer to God. All skill levels are welcome and needed! Whether you have ever laid a block, glued a PVC pipe, or taught a course, the team can find a meaningful way for everyone to help on this critically important, life changing mission work.