Spreading the Bread

When: EVERY Sunday, we leave the church by 12:15 pm and arrive by 12:30 pm

What: Relational Ministry at FUPCDC

Where: Commuter parking lot near the PRTC terminal

Who do we serve? We serve the local homeless population.  We have been serving our friends since March of 2009.

Our mission: Our #1 mission is relationships, a by-product of those relationships is sharing a meal with our friends each and every week. (as we continue to nurture those relationships, other things will happen)

How can I help?  You can help by preparing a hot meal on a Sunday or by coming and serving with our team.  New team members are always welcome. contact spreadingthebread@fupcdc.org or Jon Guest.

How are we funded?  We exist solely through donations from the congregation.  We thank you for thinking of us throughout the year.

Other items:

1.  In the midst of all we do, security and safety is always my number one concern.

         a.   Please ensure no one is at the site ALONE. If you are first await the others, if you are   leaving ensure that NO ONE is there alone. (especially our ladies)

         b.  Stay on the main pavement areas, do not go behind the buildings, etc. 

         c.  I recommend that we do not give out money. You have the right to make your own decisions but if we are all consistent, this will work. If there is a need please let me know and we can try to meet that need if funds are available. Giving out money is a hard precedent to set and becomes to be expected after a while.

         d.  Rides in your vehicle – this is not a good idea.  Provide rides at your own risk. If you have to do this, DO NOT do this alone.  (Safety, safety, safety)

         e.   Prayer – pray with your eyes open, always be aware of your surroundings. 

     2.  I recommend the following. 

         a.  We serve those that are there first – no “to-go” bags, etc. until everyone that is there has been served. (please)

         b.  We save a small portion of food for last minute drop-ins until we are ready to pack up and leave.

         c.  When we have served our last portions we need to pack up the tables, etc. (so that no one expects that we have more)

       3.  We hand out clothes, blankets, etc. occasionally throughout the year.  However these items are secondary to our primary mission.  We do not intend that this will ever be a primary focus of this ministry.