FUPCDC is blessed with many members and friends who embody the spirit of giving to others, with gifts of time, talent, and treasures. 

In order to continue this blessing, the mission of the FUPCDC Stewardship team is to:

  • Encourage stewardship within our church community as a personal reflection of our relationship with God and thank Him for all His Blessings;
  • Promote intentional, planned, and proportionate giving of our time, talent and treasures as a response to the gifts He has freely given us in order to deepen our relationship with The Lord; and
  • Provide opportunities to fulfill God’s Word and the Vision of FUPCDC to demonstrate:
    • A Passion for Christ and Compassion for Others;
    • Loving GodLoving Others;
    • Connecting GrowingServing

Our Goal is to build a congregation of members and friends of all ages who are committed to: 

  • Receiving God’s Gifts gratefully,
  • Cherishing and tending to them in a responsible and accountable manner,
  • Sharing them in justice and love with others, and
  • Returning them with increase to The Lord.       

The stewardship mission for you, as a member or friend of FUPCDC, is to make a faithful commitment of your presence and gifts to the ministries and mission of First United Presbyterian.  Consider how generous God has been in your own life and ask God to make you generous in return.