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The Presbyterian Foundation gathers, stewards and distributes funds for mission.

The Presbyterian Foundation works hard to strengthen congregations and related mission and ministry efforts by developing gifts and managing funds on their behalf. They work with churches to build communities of generosity among their members and constituents. They provide all Presbyterians an avenue to realize their philanthropic goals through a variety of giving and investment options. The Presbyterian Foundation remains focused on the Reformed values that have guided stewardship and investment for more than 200 years.

Please use the GIVE NOW button below if you would like to set up monthly online giving.


PayPal will be phased out of use
on May 19, 2019.

Ways to Donate online:

PayPal | eScrip

PayPal: Donations via Bank Draft or Credit Card

Please download the "How To" document guide to help. Document is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Due to overwhelming demand for online transactions, FUPCDC now works with PayPal to facilitate online donations. With the form below, you can set up recurring or one-time transactions. Please select the fund to which you wish to donate, and determine how frequently you would like to make donations. Please keep in mind that transactions incur to FUPCDC (not to you) a charge of 2.9% of the total donation plus $0.30 for each recurrence. Prayerfully consider adding these figures when setting up your donation to help us defray these costs.

To retain the symbolism of giving during worship even after donating online, please continue to turn in an empty pledge envelope each week with a note stating that you have given online. We may do away with envelopes in favor of something else for those who donate online in the new year, but we have made no decisions yet.

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* Recommended: Number of months or weeks left in the year, depending on which frequency you selected above. Leave blank to have payments recur until canceled. If you set up payments that recur until canceled, they will continue from year-to-year until you cancel through PayPal. If at any time you wish to increase your recurring donation, you will need to cancel this "subscription" through your PayPal account and create a new one through this page. Conversely, if you set your "subscription" to expire, you will need to return to this page to set it up again when the number of donations has been completed.

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If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, it is a secure site and banking service that safeguards your credit card or bank account information without ever exposing it to FUPCDC. For details, please visit