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About Little Hands Preschool

The Little Hands Preschool believes that each day of a child's life should be viewed as leading toward the total growth and development of a healthy and contributing member of society.  In dedicating ourselves to developing the whole child, we have designed a program to foster an environment that encourages children to grow in the following areas:

Socially, children should learn to share and become a constructive, contributing member of groups as well as being able to function independently.

Emotionally, children should learn to recognize their own feelings and to develop a positive self-concept, confidence, and emotional control.

Intellectually, children's natural curiosity should be used to understand concepts and to develop an ability to communicate and question.

Creatively, children should be stimulated to develop self-expression, imagination, and the ability to discover new solutions to problems.

Physically, children should develop awareness and enjoyment of individual physical capacities and an appreciation of a healthy body.

Spiritually, children should develop an awareness of God's presence in our world.  By being with persons expressing kindness, acceptance, and love, children become aware of the reality of God in their lives.

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