About Little Hands Preschool

The Little Hands Preschool believes that each day of a child's life should be viewed as leading toward the total growth and development of a healthy and contributing member of society.  In dedicating ourselves to developing the whole child, we have designed a program to foster an environment that encourages children to grow in the following areas:

Socially, children should learn to share and become a constructive, contributing member of groups as well as being able to function independently.

Emotionally, children should learn to recognize their own feelings and to develop a positive self-concept, confidence, and emotional control.

Intellectually, children's natural curiosity should be used to understand concepts and to develop an ability to communicate and question.

Creatively, children should be stimulated to develop self-expression, imagination, and the ability to discover new solutions to problems.

Physically, children should develop awareness and enjoyment of individual physical capacities and an appreciation of a healthy body.

Spiritually, children should develop an awareness of God's presence in our world.  By being with persons expressing kindness, acceptance, and love, children become aware of the reality of God in their lives.





My name is Tiffany Ramsey. I live in Prince William County with my husband and beagle CoCo. I am so elated to serve those within the community. I have found this area to be full of kindhearted and caring people. I am the oldest of four siblings and in helping to take care of them; I recognized just how much I love children. I have fond memories growing up during summer break of teaching my and grading their papers during my “summer school sessions.” I enjoy seeing children acquire new skills, making concrete connections to the world through play and the look of wonder that fills their eyes when they discover something.

I have dedicated my life to helping and learning different ways to support children, families and teachers. I have experience working as a: Before and After Care Assistant, Assistant Summer Camp Director, Substitute Teacher, Teacher’s Assistant, Pre-School Teacher and a Before and After Care Director, and Home Child Caregiver for the better part of 18 years. I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Special Education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. I have a Master’s of Science in Executive Leadership from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

I currently volunteer in the community as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (C.A.S.A.) for Prince William County. In this capacity I help aid neglected and abused children and their families. I also volunteer with the Parent Education Program and help facilitate classes with families referred by the Department of Social Services. In these classes both children and their parents / guardians learn how to communicate better within the family dynamic.


The Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate program in a Christian environment where children learn in an atmosphere that encourages exploration and manipulation of a wide variety of materials.  The program focuses on all areas of a child's development: social, emotional, intellectual, creative, physical, and spiritual.  The staff is caring and qualified. They recognize that the best learning occurs in a secure, loving environment.

Research recommends a careful balance between children with special needs and typical children to maximize the benefits to all children.  The young age of the children makes this an ideal time for them to learn and embrace the individual characteristics of all their peers without any preconceived prejudice.  In each class, there will be no more than two children with a diagnosed developmental delay or a delay assessed by the classroom teacher and the Director.  This is necessary to ensure the successful experience of all the children in the classroom.

The Preschool believes that play is the most developmentally appropriate approach for a young child's learning.  Children are encouraged to play an active role in their learning through making choices and planning their activities.  Seasonal and holiday themes provide a framework for children to learn about and to explore their world.

Many young children think about and try to make sense of issues related to faith and formalized religion and because the Little Hands Preschool is a church school, our program establishes an environment where learning about God, Jesus, and the Bible are addressed daily.  Children are introduced to Bible stories, religious songs, Bible verses, prayers and scripture memorization appropriate to their age and understanding.  Christian holiday celebrations are part of our program.

The Preschool program encourages children, in cooperation with responsible adults, to develop a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning.  Curiosity about the world, confidence as a learner, creativity, and imagination are continuing goals of our program.

Relationships of mutual trust and respect for others, as children learn and play together in a small group atmosphere, are important bi-products of our program.  Children develop a respect for their cultural uniqueness and the cultural diversity of others by getting to know children with different backgrounds, races, disabilities, and nationalities.

In all areas of our program, an emphasis is placed on the development of language skills.  We recognize that a child learns to communicate effectively through developing language; which facilitates thinking and furthers learning.  Stories, poems, music, and finger play increase the children's awareness of oral and written language.

Children learn to represent their ideas and feelings in a variety of ways through experiences in pretend play, drama, dance and movement, music, art, and construction. These creative experiences further feelings of confidence in children and allow them to express themselves through a variety of mediums.