Elders and Deacons

The Presbyterian Church USA has a representative form of government, which is comprised of Elders and Deacons. We believe that God calls us to be leaders in the church and both Elders and Deacons are ordained and serve for a three-year term. Our main decision making body is the Session, which is comprised of 16 elders and a Diaconate comprised of 15 deacons. The elders are responsible for all of the ministries and missions of the church, while the deacons are responsible for the care and outreach to members of the church. Our leaders work in close coordination with the professional staff to provide a broad range of services and ministries at the local, national and international level.  


Elders and Deacons 2019 (3).jpg

Moderator: Rev. Adam Bowling
Clerk of Session: Sara Porter

 Class of 2019

  • Debbie Boisvert

  • Jennifer Casey

  • Betsy Gilbert

  • Chris Martin

  • Lora Nedimyer

  • Sam Parris

Class of 2020

  • Pam Cox

  • Peter Glyer

Class of 2021

  • Norman Cobb

  • Jon Guest

  • Mike Gundel

  • Marti Hall

  • Dave Stokes

  • Ruth Washburg



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 Class of 2019

  • Gail Cobb

  • Claudia Cunningham

  • Mayra Drayer

  • Betty Matthews

  • Denise Parris - Co-Moderator

Class of 2020

  • Agnes Fokwa

  • Lisa Fortner

  • Kathy McNeely

  • Carol Schwalm - Co-Moderator

  • Celine Sonkwa



Deacons Absent.JPG

Class of 2021

  • Amy Bean

  • Liz Goolgasian

  •  Peggy Heins

  • Therese Same

  • Patricia Whitman